Enabling DeFi through community governance

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Meridian Foundation

100% non profit, 100% community run

Responsible for handling the community fund treasury according to DAO proposals submitted and voted by LOCK holders

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Every decision affecting Meridian Network will be decided by the community

Holders vote on any and every aspect they deem necessary/worthwhile for the success of the ecosystem

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Balancer pools

Our first Balancer pool, the Prime Meridian Fund, holds 4 of the top cryptocurrencies in addition to LOCK. Asset allocation as follows:

  • 1. Connect your Metamask wallet
  • 2. Choose the pool you'll be adding liquidity to
  • 3. Add liquidity
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How can you ensure the liquidity will remain in the Uniswap pool ?

Upon adding both LOCK and ETH into Uniswap’s liquidity pool, we sent the corresponding UNI-V2 tokens to the burn address, thereby ensuring we won’t be able to remove liquidity ever again.

Who is the team ?

Both co-founders (Mark and Yomonk) are seasoned business owners and consultants in various industries (e-commerce, SaaS, etc). Up until now, the core team consisted of Cryptopinions as Lead solidity developer, Ragnar as Lead designer, two full time developers ( solidity and front end ), one full time designer, our community manager Dr.J, and Sandra, Deadfolio, and Jay, our community admins. Now that Meridian is a Foundation, the team’s role will be more of a supervisory one as projects funding will be allocated according to each DAO proposal’s needs.

What is Meridian Network?

In short, Meridian Network is set to become the first ecosystem of dapps/protocols to be community run, governed by its own users through a set of DAO-implemented mechanisms. Users have the ability to propose every and any ideas they deem worthy through the DAO structure.

What is the difference between MRDN and LOCK?

LOCK is an Erc-20 token just like MRDN. The dapps within the Meridian ecosystem are only accessible to users holding LOCK. MRDN was meant as a temporary token and has no use now that LOCK is live. The reason we upgraded from MRDN to LOCK was due to the fact that the MRDN smart contract lacked the functionality required for our future dapps. You can swap your MRDN for LOCK through the swap portal which is live on our website. You can also purchase LOCK from exchanges such as Uniswap and others to come.

What is the value of LOCK?

LOCK's value derives from the financial dapps we plan on creating in the future, of which PreSaga is the first one ( the Vault was actually the first one but that one wasn't a permanent dapp ). LOCK will be central to these decentralized applications and its use will increase with each new one.

Why wouldn't someone develop their own project/token instead of putting it on the Meridian ecosystem?

Starting a project from nothing is quite the challenging feat considering that funding, community building, marketing, and infrastructure all have to be built alongside with project development. e.g. for an independent dapp. Things like marketing, community growth and awareness, a proven track record, among others, take time to develop and might pose some difficulties at times. Within these past few months, we have proven time and time again we have the ability to promise and deliver on our goals, and to tackle whatever issues might arise, while growing and engaging our community. We have proven we listen to what our stakeholders have to say. And finally, we have now proven that we have the necessary requirements in place to deliver on future efforts that might be required of us, as a Foundation. We find this is to be a considerable advantage.

How can I join the Meridian team or get involved?

Feel free to reach out to any of our team members on both Telegram and Discord. Alternatively, you can send us an email at

What is your contact info, social media, etc?

You can find the hyperlinks for all our social channels at the bottom of our website.

What is the address/country of the Meridian Foundation?

As of now, the Meridian Foundation is a fully decentralised organisation with members from 5 different countries, mostly Europe and North America

Companies have CEO’s and leaders that work on a vision! Does this mean that Meridian won't have any leadership since it's a DAO?

Meridian Network will be open to community governance through the DAO. This does not mean there won’t be a representative body. The Foundation will still be the representative for networking purposes, but no single decision shall be made without community approval. That’s what we envisioned for our DAO. Just as an example, we will still reach out to potential partners, but in order to establish a partnership, we will submit a DAO proposal on which the partnership establishment is dependant on, giving the community the final word on every step going forward.

Alternatively, you can reach us at